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Farm tour and The Farmer’s Fly Cuppie (Wednesday 22nd June 2016 at 2.30 pm)


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Foodie Farmer Tour (1 hour 15 minutes)

Join us for a unique, personal experience as we welcome you to our working family farm in beautiful Angus, on the Sidlaw Hills. This guided walking tour will allow you to learn about our life as farmers and our role producing food for our nation to eat. You will hear about the history of the farm going back to Pictish times when a dragon was slain after killing six maidens fetching water from a well in one our fields. You will learn about how our family have farmed for generations, before meeting our cows and sheep and learning about premium quality Scotch Beef and Scotch lamb.  Tour the fields to view where potatoes are being grown and enjoy a complementary dram of whisky as we visit a field of malting barley, the key ingredient of our national drink.  You will enjoy panoramic views of the nearby City of Dundee, and three counties of Angus, Fife and Perthshire.  We will finish with an explanation of what you can see as you experience the view which stretches sixty miles in all directions.


Your hosts are the Millar family who live and work at Balkello and North Balluderon Farms.  Your tour guide will either be Caroline Millar or Claire Moncrieff.  Caroline was brought up on her family’s farm near Dunkeld in Perthshire and after meeting and marrying Ross, has lived at Balkello for almost twenty years.  Claire is an experienced tour guide, having worked for several years at neighbouring Glamis Castle where Claire looked after guests and managed events. Claire was brought up on her family dairy farm also located in Angus and she has a great knowledge about farming and the local area.


The Farmer’s Fly Cuppie

Caroline was brought up on the farm living next door to her Gran Smith, the matriarch of the family and an iconic character who just loved to bake.  Caroline spent a lot of time helping Gran to bake and nothing made Gran Smith happier than having family and friends visiting and enjoying freshly made cakes, scones, pancakes and homemade jam.  When working on the farm, we used to sneak into Gran’s house for a “fly cup” of tea, some home baking and a quick rest before going back to work.  Our Farmers’ Fly Cuppie is inspired by Gran Smith and includes tea or coffee, home-made Scotch pancakes, Angus butter and jam, and home-made tray bakes.  Served in the barn and a great way to finish your afternoon or morning tour.